Turn your language curiosities into career-making & life-changing opportunities.

Learning new languages is more than traveling, studying abroad, or watching OTT shows without subtitles.

It shapes multi-cultural individuals who can thrive in an increasingly globalized world.

At Curiotory, our specialized native & Indian teachers don’t just teach you how to speak Asian, European and Sign languages. Instead, you’ll be able to read, write, and listen to them.

Curious about what sets us apart?

Learn from
the best

Learn from native language & Indian teachers passionate about empowering youngsters to break global barriers.

Customize to suit your goals

Customize the course based on your personal and professional goals to make the learning journey more focused.

Gain cognitive intelligence

Enhance problem-solving abilities, memory power and listening skills to ace exams like SAT and GRE.

Be a multi-cultural citizen

Understand the cultural context of foreign languages and handle real-life situations with confidence.

Learn languages that help break global barriers

Learn Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Sanskrit or Arabic with linguistic & pragmatic competencies. Start effortlessly communicating with native speakers.


Learn German, French, Dutch & Spanish with strong grammar and a wide vocabulary to manage everyday situations without being lost in translation.


Learn the Indian sign language – from alphabets and adjectives to numbers and emotions. Engage people progressively with improved cognitive flexibility.

Hear from those whose lives we changed

Open new doors. Seize new opportunities

Boost academic performance

Looking for extra fuel to ace exams or interviews? Improve your cognitive intelligence and be more alert with increased multi-tasking abilities.

Kick-start your dream career

Tired of hearing about dream jobs and dream companies? Start a dream career by working in top global brands and booming markets.

Gain more empathy & confidence

Meeting new people isn’t just about talking to them – it’s about understanding. Socially interact with empathy, confidence, and inclusivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

As is the case with any other language, a person’s age has an effect on their ability to learn new ones. But that only means anyone can learn – no matter how old or young they are. Kids and young adults learn faster since they can easier pick up new accents and comprehend new sounds. Adults learn smarter as their attention spans are longer.

The world has gone remote since 2020. Even if the pandemic hadn’t struck, it would have been a matter of time before the learning journeys went the digital route. Because let’s face it – the future of language learning is going to be increasingly contactless. People have lesser time than before to master it. Hence, they rely on platforms like Curiotory to pursue travel and career opportunities from the comfort of their own homes.

It is possible to learn a little from various sources around you. For example, you may catch up on some phrases from songs you listened to or through something someone said during a TV show. To gain fluency in the language, however, you would need to gain a strong understanding of grammar along with general, linguistic, and pragmatic competencies. Doing that by yourself Is ten times as hard and would be just as long. By the end of it, there are no proper evaluation methods to assess where you truly stand.

We make sure that you can write, read, listen, and speak the language at the end of the course. We offer various proficiency levels in each language, but we cover grammar, vocabulary, conversational skills, etc.

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We follow a thorough verification process before onboarding teachers, and we have an uncompromising stance on only working with native language specialists

We have found that a laptop or a desktop computer facilitates the smoothest learning experience.

Yes, all our students who complete the course get issued an accredited certificate.

Learn a new language.
Strap a jetpack to your life and fly!

Need a test run first?
Take a free demo class.

Learn a new language.
Strap a jetpack to your life and fly!

Need a test run first?
Take a free demo class.