All You Need to Know About Your First Month of Learning French

What do you think you can achieve in a month? Scientifically, a month is the time taken for the moon to once revolve around the Earth. But our perception of months is different. We plan at school or work for the next month, and our goals and plans change depending on month. There’s a reason […]

How to Learn French by Yourself in 10 Shockingly Simple Steps

French cuisine and culture have become vogue, from croissants to pain au chocolates, crepes, and macaroons. With the arrival of foreign cultures and lifestyles, many people are looking to learn a foreign language. Not to mention, what if you go to France? Wouldn’t it be a great flex to know the language? So if you’re […]

Online Free Resources to Help Kids Learn French

Learning a language can be a fantastic way for children to redirect their attention, pass the time, and keep themselves occupied. And the benefits are plenty. From the sense of accomplishment when they finally grasp the language to comprehend and converse with individuals from another culture and understand French literature and entertainment.  But most language […]

An In-depth Guide to Beginners to be Fluent in French

Have you decided to embark on the journey of learning Francais but don’t know where to start?  Then, welcome aboard the French express. French has an unmistakable grace about it, particularly how it sounds. However, many beginners find it difficult to learn because of issues they have with grammar and spelling intricacy. To help you […]

Your Personal Guide to Learning French in a Year Allô et Bienvenue

As Audrey Hepburn said in her 1954 movie, Sabrina, “Paris is always a good idea”, and France is a true beauty. From the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, the promenades and more, France exemplifies beauty, culture and romance.  With an increasing number of tourists and workers taking to the allure of France, the French have gained […]

Uncovering the Truth of French Learning for Beginners. Facile or Difficile?

Is French hard to learn?  Interesting question! And while you may get subjective views, most people state that French is easy to learn, and some say it’s even easier than English to learn. That’s correct. Learning French will not be as challenging as you believe, and in reality, it’s a language that’s far easier to learn […]

5 Tips to Teach French to Kids

While kids are fun to be around and quick learners, teaching them can be challenging. Any parent would vouch for that. So, are you a parent looking for a fun way to get your children to do their French homework? Or do you want to make them linguistically proficient and learn a second language? There […]

Ways to Teach Your Kids French at Home

Are you looking to teach your kids French at home? Do you want to bond with your child while learning French along with them? Or are you just looking for tips to help them ace their French game? Whatever your reasons are, you’ve come to the right place. This article offers 6 tips and tricks […]

How to learn Spanish faster: 10 tips

Time – something we all feel is never enough! If only there were more than 24 hours in a day to pack in every little thing we wanted to do. Especially with goal setting – it’s human nature to want to achieve and master a skill as soon as possible. If you are on a […]

Learn Spanish fast with just these 7 tips

Listed below are seven tried and tested methods that have helped people learn Spanish at lightning speed! Following the below tips has proved extremely useful to those who went down the self-learning path. We hope you too can benefit from such an approach, thereby fast-tracking your journey to learning Spanish confidently within months. 1. Identify […]